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Peng Su Synthetic Resin Tile Introduction

Name: Peng Su Synthetic Resin Tile
Thickness: 2.5mm、2.8mm、3.0mm
Length: according to the multiple of the length of the pitch
Waveform: Total width: 880mm, Effective width: 800mm
       Total width: 1050mm, Effective width: 960mm
Wave length: 160mm
Height: 30mm
Pitch: 220mm
Color: jujube red, brick red, gray, dark green, sky blue,
   dark blue
Application: flat slope, villas, garden pavilions, workshop, warehouse, shed, Farmers market, road hoarding, balcony, roof insulation shed etc..

10 Years Experience In Building Materials Industry,
Independent Research And Development!
Worry Free Before And After Sale Service,
Provide Installation Solution Free Of Charge!
Sufficient Production Capacity,
Annual Output Of Up To Ten Million!
Advanced Production Equipment
To Ensure Quality!
Factory Direct, Eliminating The Intermediate Links,
Shipping Fast, Low Prices!
Variety Complete Specifications,
To Meet Your Custom Choice!


10 Years Of Independent Research And Development Of Building Materials Industry Experience
★ 10 years, has been focused on the operation of a variety of synthetic resin tile products, product range, specifications can meet the needs of different industries. Product color protection for 10 years, the use of more than 30 years of age.

★ Peng su specializing in the production of synthetic resin tile, corrugated sheet, PVC trough, PC transparent variety of tile, PVC plate, PC endurance board, PVC wave tile, glass FRP steel transparent tile and meet your custom selection!

★ Peng su has advanced, complete set of production equipment and testing equipment, with strong technical and technical support capacity. Material selection of imported super high weathering engineering resin.
Large Enterprises Cooperation,
Visible Quality Assurance!
★ Peng su through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, was named "China's high-quality manufacturers", you can rest assured of the election;

★ Indoor conventional service life of up to 40 years, outdoor conventional service life of up to 30 years, the impact resistance, wind resistance, resistance to the strongest 12 typhoons, the significant external bearing.
Quick Response Before And After Sales,
Service Worry!

★ 7 * 24 hours to serve a phone, there are any problems at any time to respond, if meet the problem of the quality of the product, we can give you returned goods, guidance;

★ Customers in the inspection and receiving products, such as found in the course of transport due to damage to the product, the company missed for or less for the problem, the company received notice, will be within 24 hours to reply;

★ In the use of the process, found, quality problems caused by the responsibility of our products, our after receiving the notice to ensure make a reply within 24 hours; the need to send someone to deal with, will be immediately sent to the construction site in accordance with the contract matters to coordinate and solve problems.

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Foshan Nanhai Peng Su hardware Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. (Peng Su building materials) after years of development and development of increasingly sophisticated. Is a focus on the synthetic resin tile, glazed tile, PVC plastic steel tile, PVC plastic tile, FRP transparent tile development, production, sales and service as one of the enterprises. The main products include PVC wave tile, PVC tile, PVC tile, tile, PVC flat, PVC sink (accessories), PVC composite board, PC show transparent tile, PC endurance board, PC sunshine board, PET plate, PET transparent tile series, etc.

Product has: lasting color, excellent resistance to load, good sound insulation effect, excellent corrosion resistance, fire resistance, impact resistance, resistance to low temperature, self cleaning performance, excellent waterproof performance, insulation, thermal insulation, heat insulation performance is excellent, the installation high-efficient and green environmental protection etc. characteristic…

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